To become a Master you must have great knowledge of the abilities. Only another Master can decide if you are able to become one. You don't have to be extremely powerful to become a Master. While you do have to have a good enough numer of abilities, what really matters is that you know alot of information about the different abilities, and are responsable enough to take on the position.

What can a Master do?Edit

A Master can teach a group and have an apprentice but he/she may only have one apprentice. Masters also have the abilitiy to decide the rank and skill level of others once they reach level 9.

How exactly can I become a Master?Edit

A current Master will test you and decide if you are worthy to become a Master. Contact a master if you think you are ready. Note.

Skill levelsEdit


8 - This is the level you get when first becoming a Master.

9 - This is the secong level, where you would have had to train at least one apprentice to the rank of Full User, and have gained more knowledge.

10 - Here is where you cannot rely upon knowledge to get you here. You must have mastered a good ammount of abilities, and be much more powerful than you were at a level 8.

11 - Like 10, you would have had to advance greatly in your abilities, and gained even more knowledge.

12 - This is the highest level you can reached, where you can do almost every type of kinesis and other ability, and know almost everything there is to know. y now you would have trained many Apprentices.


The Master Test is split up into 3 sections,

1 - This tests your current ailities

2 - This tests your knowledge

3 - This tests your experience

Durring the test the master will ask you a great number of questions. It takes about 30 min, and you will recieve word if you have passed aout 5-10 min. after the test.

Current MastersEdit

-Dragon511 (Talk) - Level 9; Apprentice: Alice