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Geokinesis Edit

Geokinesis also known as Earth Manipulation. It can be used to manipulate the element of earth, and used to throw rocks, pick them up, mold, disintegrate or whatever your heart desires. Earth is what is all around us, the ground, dirt, rocks everything related to that comes from earth. Minerals, Metals are also from earth. If it is made from earth, you can control it.


1. Going outside and laying down and just feeling the surroundings, you could meditate, ground or just lay and feel at peace with the earth. Feel the soil under you, feel the energy that it gives off, then you could try to move it a little bit. This can be difficult, it is a sub ability type of pshycokinesis. Which is somewhat related to telekinesis. If theres a rock or a stone nearby, try to feel its energy. Feel how its energy flows around you and into earth. Then try to move it with your mind, and feel it levitating. If theres a will theres a way. But also don't expect this to work on your first time, because unless you are a Elemental Genius it won't but don't get discouraged either, if you believe you can do it, you will.