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Basic DefinitionEditEdit

Empathy is the most common psionic power among the current generations, however the awakened people themselves often are not aware of it and it can be quite hard to master. The basic definition of empathy is one's power to recognize, perceive, and directly feel,and on occasion, in the case of the next variant manipulate the emotions of others. A "true empath" (Which does not mean that the other variations are false,but rather it is a bit of a misnomer that refers to the projection of emotions rather than the reception of them) can also influence the feelings of others around them.


Empathy is the most common of psionic powers (besides telepathy and telekinesis), as it is also a social (interpersonal skill). However, it is also one of the hardest power to advance on as it is awkward to control and quite painful. We all have a bit of empathy in us, which always stays in a subconscious form and never goes under conscious control. Some people though are 'True Empaths', who can feel, control and manipulate emotions around/inside them.

Training/ controlEditEdit

In the beginning stage, empaths will be only feel strong emotions such as - but not limited to - anger, fear, love and (more commonly) pain or loss. The first step to controlling this is accepting that you have a gift and embracing it, mentally prepare yourself for the challenges. The second step can be quite boring but is effective. It is meditation which helps clear your mind and tune in to other people's emotions. You can also do the exact opposite depending on what is your intent. Some people feel that meditation doesn't do enough and like take part in a physical activity such as bike riding. This is commonly known as active meditation and can be carried out at any time. For the third step you need to be able to tell the difference between your emotions and others. This is difficult and can cause a lot of problems if not developed. The easiest way is, before you act on an emotion (as some can feel the desire tied into the emotion) check and see if that emotion has anything to do with you. If it doesn't then disregard it. The fourth step is to learn how to protect yourself from psychic vampires as they can drain you and deplete you with a touch, with words or even psychically from a distance. The fifth step is to share your experiences with other psychics (not fakes) as they may have insight for you. Always practice your power, don't neglect it or it will either fade or return with a vengeance later on. Remember your power is meant to help people and by doing so you can replenish your own energy, whilst simultaneously accumulating good karma,although again it must be stated that karma is not proven nor truly proveable and is merely another metaphysical theory.


Empathy mimics much of telepathy powers as they are closely related. Many empaths strengthen their power by meditating and using it regularly.


Tele-Empathy (empathy): The user can feel other people's emotions, and eventually determine where it's coming from and why the person is feeling that way. The user can implant emotional states into others' minds. Depending on how the powerful the empath is, their range could differ considerably. Depending on how powerful the empath is they can resist or become immune to people's powers (depending what the powers is, e.g. telekinesis, telepathy, and aura reading).

Empathic Illusions: The user is able to focus this power to allow him/her to draw on people's emotions in order to make them see illusions or to make them believe they are physically impaired (being choked, blinded, etc.).

Empathic Camouflage: The user can alter the apparent physical appearance of him/herself and other people by altering the perceptions of those around him/her. This can go far as to make other people believe that the camouflaged people are not there (Invisible). A limit, if one exists, is only imposed by the number of people the user is trying to fool, not the number of people the user is camouflaging.

Enter Consciousness: The user is able to enter another's mind and even dreams to speak with the person or even combat them.

Tele-Empathic Manipulation: The user can manipulate other people's minds, achieving a variety of effects.

  • Mind Control: The user can control the thoughts and actions of others by placing Empathic imprints in their minds.
  • Heal Trauma: The ability to erase a person's memories and to heal mental trauma through "Psychic Surgery," the power to stimulate or deaden the pain and pleasure centers in a person's brain.
  • Induce Pain: The usercan Psionically induce pain in others via Psionic Blast or send back pain waves from other Empaths.

  • Negate/Inspire Emotion: The user can deaden or negate the emotions of others.

Empathic Link: The user can epmathically (mentally) link his/her mind to another mind.

Mediumship: The user can precieve the ability of minor mediumship when channeling someone who has the power of mediumship or an actual ghost.

  • Mental Detection: Can sense the presence of another psionic more commonly ESP psionic, as well as detect other people as well.
  • Psionic Blast:Psionic Mind Blast or ball of pure psychic energy, also called Psionic Blast, and use them as an offensive weapon, to render opponents unconscious or to erase memories. Could also fire them as a Psionic beam. User can also use o this ability to suggest thoughts and Empathic Actions from other people. These blast can render the target unconscious depending on how powerful the empath is they can even kill the intened target.

  • Psychic Liberation: User can also use his/her Psionic Blasts to set others free of mental control.

Empathic Precognition: Can recieve vision by channeling precogs or by way of empathy alone.

Postcognition: Can recieve vison of the past by channeling postcogs or by way of empathy alone.

Empathic Mimcry: The user can mimic the person they're channeling/empathcizing with powers. When doing this the powers is as developed as the person power. Limitation; the user can olny mimic the person powers olny while their still channeling the person.

Empathic augementation: The user can augement their other psionic powers (if they have any) by channeling the emotions the feel into that power as all psionic abilities are interconnected through thought and emotions.

Empathic Astral Projection: The user can astral project using empathy.

Empathic Healing: The user can heal people with emotional problems by giving them advice or empathicly suggesting things or negating and inspiring emotions; cause of this empaths tend to be advice columinist, psychologist, and social workers (etc.).

Psionic Shield: The ability to erect a psychic shield for protection of himself and other minds, great defense against psychic vampires and other psiconics, can alos deflect or absorb the psychic energy of what attacking the being that being attack (can be casted on objects and people even places), can deflect a direct attack from telekinesis but not a indirect attack.ct

Automatic writing: The user can unconcsiously write what emotion their channeling or entity.

Wider sense of the EmpathyEditEdit

While empathy itself just means the manipulation of emotions, it is taken to mean 'feeling' in general, aura and otherwise. All that, however, comes under Clairsentience. Empathy can be taken as a distinct part of Clairsentience.

To Control the "Manipulative" Side of Empathy; i.e. Pathokinesis, or Empathic ManipulationEditEdit

So what I mean by this is that as Empathy is the psychic ability to sense and feel the emotions and feelings of others, there is a sort of reverse, an almost polar opposite ability to Empathy. It is called Pathokinesis, or Empathic Manipulation, and with this ability one can change and alter the emotions of others around him or her. What you would start out by doing is tuning into the individual's current emotions. The next step would be to get a good feel and grip on their emotion; become one with it, feel it flowing through you, as you; you are an Empath, so that part honestly should've been the icing on the cake for you... Next, you would begin to mentally and emotionally "change" their emotion into the emotion that you would like them to feel instead – feel this new emotion pulsing through you, through them, affecting their every fiber and muscle. Then, after what you would consider to be sufficient enough time doing this step you would drop your feelings, their feelings – don't linger upon what you've left in your wake, simply move on – and close your empathic link, or connection with them (think of this sort of like closing a wound: you retract yourself from their emotions to let them "seal off" – like a wound does before a scab develops – to prevent any further contact or empathic "malleability", so to speak). Was that a good analogy?

And I guarantee you that you will see some results in no time at all. Now mind you, you will need to practice this a lot if you want to get better (obviously!), so don't feel too disappointed if you don't exactly impinge to the largest amount upon how they feel... With time, meditation and practice you'll be at your high with this ability in no time!

Empathy linksEditEdit

  • An emapthy link is a link that an empath creates with another person in which the empath can feel the emotions of the person stronger than normal and from a farther distance than normal. It can also be created between two empaths and possibly be the strongest type of link in theory. Empathy links are different than normal empath abilities. An empath can feel other's emotions around them. An empath link is a specific link with one person. Once a link has been established you can, for instance, tell how a person is feeling at any given moment until the link has been severed. Empathy links are most commonly created when an empath cares greatly or is in love with another person. Sometimes this happens with out the empath even meaning to create the link. It can also be created if an empath has developed thier talent/gift/power (call it whatever you like) enough to be able to create a link with any person around them. It is said that if an empath is strong enough you can control another person's emotions.